Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trying Not to Over Control

So I plan catered events for a living. I work for a really great catering company that caters events as small as 12 people to as large as 1200.

Everyday I plan, organize, control, delegate, manage expectations, calm the client, deal with 3rd party suppliers, etc.

So needless to say when the control is in everyone else hands this process is very difficult for me. I am doing me best to hold back calling/emailing the clinic about small things. These are people that I really don't want to make upset or annoyed. Buts its hard not having the control that I have everyday in my worklife.

I have thought about it at night when trying to fall is a bit of a tangent...ugh...why is it that J can have his head hit the pillow and fall asleep in 30 seconds flat to the point where his body is twitching and heavily breathing but it takes me a good 30 minutes to fall asleep most nights. To top it all off my dog also can be snoring on the floor at the end of the bed in the same time as J. Ahh!

Anywho back to thinking at night...I think I'm going to save all of my questions that really could wait in an email that I'll keep as a draft and send it once every 2 weeks. Does this make sense...obviously if it is a question that needs to be answered within 24 hours I'll send it sooner but I think this works...I hope I really don't know how else I'm going to get through the next 2 months otherwise.

We do have an appointment at the clinic on the 15th. The clinic is 5 hours away so we are going to meet the Dr in person (only have had a phone meeting) and for J to leave a little swimmer sample. If the weather is like it normally is in January/February we want to make sure there is a backup plan jic. The Dr also mentioned in our consult that some men have a hard time producing under pressure so its a good call either way....this makes me laugh and J is adamant it won't happen to

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Big Screen

We got an email from the clinic today saying they booked the donor in for her screening. They actually had thought we wanted to start right away, but we were hoping to start in January. I told them to keep her screening as scheduled with the thought that if something came back wonky that we would still have time to figure it all out between now and January. They were fine with that.

The reason we want to wait until January is with both or our works are really difficult to get time off in November and December. January is really slow for me but still busy for J. But he works for his dad so getting the time off isn't hard.

We do want to go to the clinic between now and December to leave a J sample, just in case the weather hits us before we need to go down there for fertilization. We live about 5 hours from the clinic and if the snow hits in January we need to make sure we have a plan B.

So this week we need to transfer the retainer fee to the clinic, its a bit scary going through this for the first time and handing over large sums of $....$6000 for agency, $10000 for the medical clinic and there will be more to come in January.

Its hard to keep positive and stress free. I have been going to a holistic practitioner for the past few months but I'm going to stop going to see him. I just don't think he gets it. He asks me the same questions every time I go...and I just can't deal with that, pay attention or do your homework. I think I'm going to go to yoga instead, there are classes at the gym that I got to so I won't need to fork over more $ for it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Waiting it time yet?

So now all of the paperwork is done. Initial deposit is made. Donor is labeled as "matched for cycle early 2011" (yea that us!!) on the agency website. Now we wait to hear when the clinic about when the donor will start her cycle. ... ... ... ... Is it time yet?!?!?

I want to be part of that 80% success group. My age is in my favor, I'm healthy overall but what can I do extra? And that's where I struggle. Should I do anything differently? Eat differently, lower alcohol consumption, blah, blah, blah.

I do know that I'm already stressed (I think just from the decisions that we've made regarding the donor and agency) , I've been having jaw pain for the past two weeks and I went to the dentist and I'm now being fitted for night sexy! I am going to the gym again. I'm not overweight or anything but it doesn't hurt.

Is it time yet?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One step for man...

Ok so I've stayed away for a while now...just wasn't inspired.

But we picked a donor yesterday!!! We just have to go though the paperwork and we wait until January. We want to wait until after the holiday when the clinic is closed before starting her on her meds and all of that fun stuff.

I feel like I'm going to burst at the seems!!!!