Monday, November 29, 2010

Tea'd off...milk does your body good?

I've stopped drinking coffee. It was surprisingly easier than I though considering I drank approximately 3 cups of coffee every morning and cut back to 1 then none. No headaches no I don't think I did but I'd have to ask J to confirm.

I did however start drinking more herbal teas. I found out that green tea actually does have caffeine in it. Who knew? There is a non caffeinated version that you can get so I found out.

In my last trip to the grocery store I stocked up on many packages of decaffeinated herbal teas. Now I find out that some of the ingredients may be bad for you....ugh! Licorice root, hibiscus flower to name a there anything not bad for you?

J seems to think cheese is worse for me than a cup of sleepy time he right or do I stop drinking certain teas with these ingredients? I can't seem to find any reliable source online for getting the right information.

Should I play it safe and only have water and milk? Or are the adds wrong for milk too? After looking up to make sure I had the slogan right for milk...I found out that apparently milk may not be good for you either...this is what I mean. I don't know who or what to believe. I'm not giving up my milk.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why can't $ grow on trees?

We miscalculated how much this was going to cost by $ the heck does that happen?

Ok so I really hope this does happen on the first try because there goes most of try #2 and a lot of the extras that we needed to buy for new babies.

Do you think baby stores have starter kits like the pets stores do for dog and cats?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Plan of Attack and A Celeb Sighting...

Our mini vacation and appointment went really well. The doctor was great, it was nice not to hear "I'm really sorry" when leaving the doctors office. It was nice having a doctor with the next steps to a baby all laid out. This is going to happen.

J is not getting "excited" over the next steps...he just want to "go with the motions". Hes trying to stay grounded to that if this all comes tumbling down hes there to catch me. I love him. We talked with the doctor about doing a mock cycle...he see no need. We talked about 1 embie or 2. We told him we want to do whatever we can to make this more possible. He looked at us and said its not his preference an to really think about if we want to go thru a pregnancy with twins. I would love to have twins and "just get 'er done". But I think its in our best interest to get more information...I'll be visiting Chapter later today....

The main reason that we were at the Dr was that J was going to leave a sample to be frozen. We are going to do the transfer in the end of January and the weather in Ontario may be a problem. So jic we needed a plan B.

So the meeting ended and a few prescriptions were written and then the big bag was handed to me... I don't know why but I never expected that I would have to take needles...for 12 weeks. Yikes the nurse laughed when I looked into the bag. And "cough" vag suppositories to top it all off. Sigh...I still have a few weeks to get myself used to this idea.

Oh here is the celeb sighting that I had...very exciting if anyone watched the Hills or MTV. It was Dan Levy!

J and I were in Chapters and I looked up and there he his unmistakable glasses and gray hat. So fun!!! I am kicking myself now for not asking for a picture with him. Ugh!

Monday, November 8, 2010

1WW, coffee and graduation

Well not the kind of wait we're all hoping for but it is 1 week before J and I go to visit our Dr to find out how the donor screening went. I'm really excited. We're going to drive up on Sunday and check into a hotel. I really want to go to a nice dinner but DH is really figting hard not to make it an expensive weekend. I know we spend a lot in this process and that every penny that we spend extra is cutting into future spending but is it so wrong to want a nice steak? After dinner (I'll let you know where we end up going) were toying with the idea of going out to a movie. Our appt is on Monday at 1pm. we'll probably sleep in then make our way to that end of town.

I'm a bit bummed because I just signed up for a fertility yoga class and its on Sunday nights. I'll miss the first one which sucks...but it is what it is.

I sit here drinking a nice cup of coffee which I decided last night while going through the thoughts in my head that I am going to ween myself off of coffee...starting tomorrow. Well actually I'll finish this cup and rather than going to work with a travel mug of coffee I'll opt for a herbal tea.

I met up with a fertility friend on Saturday for coffee. She just got a BFN after ICI. Its her 6th try. I don't know if I could go through DE ivf 6 times mentally let alone afford it. She is really strong...I don't think she thinks she is though. We talked about our support group and what it would be like to have one of us "graduate" on one hand we would be happy but on the other sad it wasn't us. I get a pang of hurt every time I see another baby announcement made on Facebook or at a restaurant or on TV and I really wish that it didn't hurt. But I know it will take all of my strength to not put on FB that I'm preggo when it happens. Its not fair to those out there suffering alone or those ladies I've met in the club.

I think about after I graduate...will I push this aside and forget that this was a big part of my life and enjoy what I've been longing for for so long? I hope I don't forget...