Sunday, July 25, 2010

More than a bit angry...

Ok so long story short...(at least tying to)

After being told that the US or a known donor are our only options and not really being happy with our clinic we decided to take a bit more control into our hands.

We began researching alternatives to the US due to how expensive it is. We found 2 popular options South Africa and Czech Republic, we were not 100% confident going overseas but $ is an issue.

We contacted a popular reproductive lawyer who was gobsmacked that we would go overseas and asked why we weren't doing this here in Canada. We mentioned that we wanted an anonymous donor and since the current (crappy) legislation doesn't allow for egg donors we were forced to look into alternatives. She said we could still do this here and there are donor agencies in Canada...WHAT?!?!

She gave me that names of them and after emailing them to get some info I'm just angry. Not at the agency but at my current clinic...why would they not tell me about this? Aren't they there to help me? Keeping in the back of my mind that I called the clinic previously in our alternative research to see if they could shed some light on the overseas options and all I got was "no comment" thru his receptionist. The lawyer said that they are one of the most conservative clinics in Canada. DH thinks its because they won't make as much money off if this route.

I'm scared and excited. Trying to find a different clinic now. Seems like the cost is about the same as going to Africa...but no lions, I guess I'll just go to the zoo.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shout out to a fellow blogger and one of her followers

I was reading a blog that I have been following for a while..."One Egg Please" . R has a great way of really telling it like it is and I can relate to her story. She posted a link to an article in SELF magazine that hits home. It explains so nicely what I am feeling and what many women in my boat are feeling. Read on...

One of R's followers commented about a video from a woman named Keiko. I looked it up and couldn't help but cry. See it here. video

When I see there articles and videos I know I'm not alone.